The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for 2018

It sometimes feels as if there is a new cryptocurrency exchange coming out on a weekly basis, and at times that is perhaps closer to the truth than you realize. However, what that all then means is there being a need for us to spend some time trying to determine the different cryptocurrency exchanges that will be the best ones to use for your trades. After all, who wants to be caught out by using a poor exchange that offers slow service and poor pricing, not to mention limited trading pairs?

Thankfully, as there are just so many options it does mean that we can be rather picky as to the ones that we select, so we do believe that the names that follow should be absolutely fine for you to check out.


Coinbase has to be one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges around, and it is primarily to do with the way in which it has USD at the absolute core of the different trades that it offers. Based in San Francisco, it is said that they have over 13 million users, but there’s a problem. The problem is that they are also known for having some of the highest fees in the market, which could be enough to put you off using them as there are cheaper options elsewhere.


Created in 2013, the main way in which Coinmama was able to gain a foothold in the market was by becoming one of the first exchanges to allow both credit and debit cards to be used in order to purchase cryptocurrencies. This has undoubtedly made it significantly easier to purchase tokens and you are also able to go ahead and automatically transfer the coins to another wallet as soon as they are purchased. They also charge quite high fees but the fact that the interface and exchange is so easy to use does work in its favor.


Launched in 2015, this exchange is well-known for its customer service which is viewed as going above and beyond the normal call of duty. They have focused primarily on offering a service to those just starting out, and as a result they have restricted the number of cryptocurrencies that they have available. However, even though there are these limitations, they make it one of the easiest exchanges to use, and for that it should be applauded.


BitQuick is rather cool in its approach as it certainly tries to do things a bit differently to the other options out there on the market. They actually allow you to deposit cash into a bank account that can then be used for your orders, so they are combining both the online and offline worlds in a unique way. The only problem with this is that some people do view it as being a potential security risk and this puts them off trying it out. However, the exchange does have a stellar reputation, so perhaps being so concerned is rather pointless.


Binance deals in crypto to crypto exchanges and it is argued that this is the top cryptocurrency exchange in the entire world. Also, it has been able to do this in next to no time at all and it is all thanks to it having an array of features that not only makes it rather easy to use, but it just offers so much to each individual user.

Furthermore, there are an extensive number of trading pairs through this exchange as well as low fees and fast transaction times, so when you put it all together it is then not that surprising that its popularity has blown everybody else out of the water.


Bittrex is based in Seattle, and they are rather strict when it comes to following the various regulations as set out by the authorities in the United States. Up until recently, they were also one of the biggest exchanges in the world until Binance soared past them, but they are certainly still worth checking out what they have to offer as their interface is easy to follow.


The best thing about the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange is that it has a tendency to focus on those coins that are perhaps not as well known as others or altcoins that are just starting out. This does mean that they have created their own niche market, which is pretty cool and they have been able to build their reputation on the back of all of this. Their fees are low and their customer support is seen as being excellent, but do be aware that they do not accept Ethereum so that may put off some people from trying them out.


KuCoin gets a mention in this list simply because of what it is that they offer their users. This company is based in Hong Kong and what they seek to do is to distribute the profits that they make to their users via their very own coin that they themselves created. This is an interesting development, and it is certainly something that you can see working in their favor even though the trading volume that passes through their exchange on a daily basis is not up to the levels of other options.

Of course, these are only a few of the options that are out there when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges, but we believe that the names we have listed above are going to play a pivotal role in the industry throughout 2018. Each one has its benefits and advantages over the others, and it is up to you to ultimately find out which one best fits your own individual needs or requirements and then stick to it when you are happy with what they have to offer.

That being said, there are new exchanges appearing all of the time, and even though it will prove to be difficult for any new one to reach the heights of those listed above, it will always be possible so keep an eye out for any newcomers.

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