The Top 10 Cryptocurrency Twitter Accounts You Cannot Be Without

When it comes to trading in cryptocurrency, then one of the key things is in being able to get the correct information and trading tips that can then make a difference to the potential profits that you are able to make. This information can be sourced from a number of different avenues, but at this moment in time we will focus on just one, Twitter.

Yes, in amongst all of the crazy things that go on in Twitterland, there are some cryptocurrency accounts that we believe you just have to follow if you are serious about making progress with trading these altcoins. So, who should you follow? Well, these 10 accounts would be a great place to start.

  1. Venture Coinist.

This account belongs to Luke Martin who is a blockchain innovator and a guy that seriously knows what he is doing with cryptocurrency. The account is linked to his trading group, called Venture Coinist, and his main reasoning for having the account is to give out news and tips on how to get on in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

  1. CryptoHustle.

CryptoHustle is the Twitter account for an individual that is a full-time trader in cryptocurrencies. He has the habit of throwing out some topics for conversation as well as news and tips that you can follow if you wish to do so. You will also be able to pick up on their running commentary on the entire industry, which is worth checking out for just how cool it all is.

  1. Crypto de Medici.

This isn’t the account of the once wealth Italian family, but just a general account that focuses on cryptocurrency trading and helping you to effectively start trading and it all being a more positive experience. It focuses on offering snippets of useful tips and information that are designed to just make understanding the entire industry that bit easier to do. If you are looking for something more in-depth, then this is not the place to come.

  1. Bitcoin Benny.

Benny is a full-on cryptocurrency trader, and his Twitter account contains various pieces of information, his advice, and also a plethora of reviews. The best part is that he is able to offer this advice without allowing it all to drown in a sea of complicated language that ultimately leaves you feeling more confused than ever before. If you want things to be straight down the middle, then this is the account to follow.

  1. Dmitriysz.

This account Dmitry who is a member of Bitcoin Masons. His account offers some pretty clear-cut advice that you can follow and he does love to throw up charts and explain what you are looking at. This is the kind of account that you should follow if you are brand new at cryptocurrency trading as he has a habit of explaining things in easy to follow language and will also deal with the different issues and problems that people generally have when starting out.

  1. ZeusZissou.

As part of the USC Investment Group, this Twitter account is a place to check out if you are seeking some pretty level-headed advice from someone that has their finger firmly on the pulse of the cryptocurrency world. Not only that, but the advice that they give out is absolutely golden without it being too complex to understand, which is always a bonus. You will get educational resources, taught what to do, insights into the different markets and a whole lot more that you can then put to good use with your own attempts at trading cryptocurrency.

  1. CryptoTutor.

This name is pretty self-explanatory in what they hope to do via their Twitter account. This guy is both an economist and an analyst with a firm grasp on what is going on in the cryptocurrency world at any given time. Not only that, but he is on a quest to educate people and to help them to better understand the entire industry, which can only be a good thing for you. His main focus is on altcoins, and his Tweets consist of information on airdrops, charts, events and coins to look out for, so there is always going to be something that is of use to you.

  1. IOHK_Charles.

This account belongs to Charles Hoskinson who is the CEO of IOHK which is a company that builds both the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. At one point, he was also the CEO of Ethereum, so this is a guy that knows everything that there is to know about this technology. His Twitter account is not as complex as you may expect from a man of this stature as he breaks it all down into simplistic language even for new people to the entire industry.

  1. Coin_Shark.

The Coin-Shark account has a very specific reason for it existing in that it aims to help to guide you through the various issues and absolute trash that exists in the cryptocurrency world. Their intention is to make it easier for you to make the correct decisions when it comes to your investments and you can expect some pretty liberal ideas and points of view to appear on this account.

  1. Crypto_Skipper.

Crypto_Skipper is a Twitter account that is going to help you to understand the various charts and graphs that effectively plague the world of cryptocurrency. For those that are new to all of this kind of thing, these charts can often be rather confusing and perplexing to make sense of them, so that is where this account will prove to be useful. Thanks to the Tweets, you will have a better understanding of the various trends and how to then react to them.

These 10 Twitter accounts are by no means the only ones that are out there but they are certainly some of the names that you need to be paying close attention to wherever possible. They cover a number of angles in the cryptocurrency industry and there’s no doubt that they will help to clear up a number of the different problems and issues that you may very well have prior to making your investment decision. Considering it is all free to follow them, then failing to do so makes no sense whatsoever.

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