Terms Of Service

With the trade in crypto-currencies significant risks are involved.

Crypto-currencies are not legal tender and are accepted only to a limited extent for making purchases.

Crypto-currencies do not represent a claim on any issuer or by any third party and they have no intrinsic value.

Due to various causes, the value of crypto-currencies may be wholly or partially lost.

The value of crypto-currencies is determined by supply and demand and can fluctuate significantly.

Trading in crypto-currencies via the Internet brings special risks. Such as technical - or transfer problems that may occur when using a computer,

tablet, smart-phone or similar device, malfunction of the Internet or the network or systems or other service providers concerned that can prevent or suspend their services on which the trading relies.

Also, maintenance on trading platforms may prevent access to it.

bigpumpgroup.com accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses which may be incurred by any person or persons using the whole or part of the contents of the information, systems, plans.

Use the information provided on the bigpumpgroup.com site at your own risk.